I am looking for more donated vessels! You can use contact@quantumbell.net to speak with me and arrange the transfer of your boat for science or as charitable contribution to the development of an ARK, Quantum Bell Inc. Research, and other projects! From small boats to larger vessels!

"On Sea, On Sea"

"On sea, On sea" (on C, modern science uses "C" for light) is a naval greeting loosely translated as on water and in solar space on the oceans of time and light distance date data among stars.


"Learn to sail and it is my gas. Learn to fish, and it is my food. Learn to collect water, and it is my drink. Learn to trade, and it is my trade."

Onsea.net is on the board of directors for Quantum Bell Inc. at Quantumbell.net
  • This topic will occupy our time for a decade.
  • This organization will innovate to meet naval problems identified as part of Naval Salute time line.
  • This organization is seeking volunteer cooperation; must be free thinker and able to work in groups.
  • This is organization develops and operates time receptive projects.

Join me for the next part of a discovery process! Volunteer your support and help collect information and build a defense as a business for the state of Florida, and the southern united states!

Donate your boat! We remove it from your property, free of charge!
Call Quantum Bell Inc. at 386-214-1083.

  • Corporation: Quantum Bell Inc.
  • License Number: Florida Department of State P18000013129
  • Workman's Compensation: Applied
  • DBA Registration: ONSEA and Quantum Bell Inc.
  • Executive Contact: Staff Member
  • Licensing: Corporation, on water.
  • Coast Property Address: Space coast and Daytona
  • Sea Port Coordinates and Registration:
  • Captain Contact Information:
  • Naval and Crew Volunteers:
  • Research and Development Initiatives: Ongoing QBI Correlated communications tests
  • Sales and Intake Specialists: Call to make discuss!

Song Dedicated to my family, friends, and Those person of similar objectives. "Stay by my side," see the planet and the trees outside, and learn to fight for her, she is all our mother. (GOD) Initiatives. Reality, compliments Quantum Bell, Inc.

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